Knowledge Bites - Something to Sink Your Teeth Into!

What is a 'Knowledge Bite'?

Following feedback from previous UKOUG JD Edwards Conferences we are running ‘Knowledge Bites’ for the first time at JDE14 in order to provide the delegates with more interactive sessions. These are not designed to be ‘deep dive’ workshops but short, punchy sessions with lots of chat to provide bite sized amounts of information. If you like the taste you will be told where to go for more!

How do I attend a 'Knowledge Bite'?

Knowledge bites are short, punchy and interactive - you will notice that each Knowledge Bite is on the agenda 3 times consecutively. As a delegate, you can attend up to 3 30 minute sessions* across the time period, interchanging rooms at the end of each 30 minute slot.

*You will not be able to attend the same session more than once.

Many thanks to our conference sponsors: