Featured Speakers

Speakers were able sum up a key takeaway of their sessions. Below you can find the featured speakers of JDE14:

Warren Griffiths
ERP Manager, Gondola Group

'How Cloud Convinced us to Upgrade'

JD Edwards was nearing the end of its life within Gondola. The group had already trailed a replacement strategy and were reviewing their options at the time. By upgrading to EnterpriseOne in the Cloud, Gondola has been able to simplify their IT infrastructure and reduce software maintenance costs. The E1 user interface (and especially E1 pages) has been well received by the user community and there are plans to roll out Mobile applications to widen its appeal within the group.

Watch Warren present on Wednesday

Howard Page
Business Development Manager, Steltix UK

'Rapid Rollout – How to Accelerate the roll out of JDE EnterpriseOne to Multiple Sites/Countries – Steltix Top 10 Tips'

Learn from Steltix' experience of rolling out E1 across Europe, benefit from their knowledge and tips for a successful roll out. Learn about the tools created to address particular areas requiring labour intensive tasks and how Steltix accelerates these and improves the accuracy by using specialised tools.

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Sushant Sawant
Practice Director, VCP at KPIT

'Sales and Operations Planning in Complex Supply Chain Industries'

In this session, hear how KPIT has implemented sales and operations planning in complex supply chains using Oracle Value Chain Planning products to improve Supply Chain operating efficiency. This session features supply chain challenges in industries (natural resource, agriculture, etc.)  having complex supply chains and how such supply chains can be modelled using Oracle Value Chain Planning products. Learn how to perform sales and operations planning in a complex and volatile environment where long lead times, demand and supply variability are name of the game.

Watch Sushant present on Thursday.

Kit Mundy
Managing Director, Differentia

'QlikView Natural Analytics for JD Edwards'

QlikView is a market leading BI solution which is used by many JD Edwards customers and always generates a huge amount of interest. Potential delegates want to see something new - hence the focus on demonstrating relevant apps rather than PowerPoint.

Watch Kit present on Wednesday.

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Suhas Gosavi
President, CDI

'Knowledge Bite: Meeting the E-Commerce and Payment Demands across the Supply-Chain'

This session will showcase how JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne organisations can make it easy for their customers and suppliers to do business with them.

Key Points:

• Offer a superior customer experience  thereby maximize revenue and customer satisfaction

• Provide an Omni commerce experience-online, mobile, and in-store with real-time access to JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne

• Build a B2B E-Commerce site with the ease of B2C navigation, personalization, and ordering

• Live demo of e-commerce and payment application with real-time integration with JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne

Watch Suhas present on Wednesday.

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Barry Burke
Managing Director, DWS

'Upgrades: Why the Big Bang Theory?'

Upgrading your E1 system requires a significant investment, in time and money, and can have a huge impact on your business. By changing their approach and keeping ‘code current’, users can save time and money in the long term, reduce the impact major release upgrades have on the business and ensure they are maximising the potential of their E1 system and getting full ROI on their Oracle maintenance budget. Delegates should come to learn more about how they can take full advantage of this new approach to upgrading.

Watch Barry present on Wednesday.

Terry Simpson
Operations Director, Whitehouse Consultants

'NEW - Real Time Scheduling in Goods and Service Delivery'

“Come to JDE14 and see the new Oracle Real Time Scheduler - from capacity planning, through vehicle, technician and customer scheduling, to dispatch management and mobile operations; and learn how major organisations using this module alongside JDE CRM for Sales, and Service Management, have been able to experience productivity increases of up to 25%, minimising delivery failures and increasing operating margins, and overall customer satisfaction”

Watch Terry present on Wednesday.

Gideon Tester
Business Systems Manager, Altro

'Knowledge Bite: The Application Jigsaw'

Attend Gideon's session for:

• Ideas on balancing management of the core of your IT infrastructure while preparing for the changing future

• Thoughts on our role in the connected world

• An opportunity to share experiences on how we align what we do

Watch Gideon present on Thursday.

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